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Well, I am not a teen anymore...maybe I should be just SUPERKID or SUPERBOY...

I am a 21 years old boy and I see myself as a Superhero, specially  as Skid (see Heros on  ) because, tough I have strong muscles and you may think i'm  powerful , I have a weakpoint: my big sensitive balls. 

A friend has developed a character for me ,"Superteen".

You can read a fictional story about this character  (in Spanish) by clicking here.  Some extracts in English here.

Skid is my hero I wish I could be like him since we have something in common...guess what??
MY PICS 2009!!

(I have been adviced that i should not show my face...a bit too late I guess... but i will take the advice, for now on)

More Pics 2009

MY PICS  2008
My Stats
Height 1,82 m / 6 ft.
Weight 85 kg. / 187 pd.
Cock lenght 22 cm. /  9 inches
Balls size Wanna see them? CLICK HERE.

I am not naturally as tanned as i look in some of the pics. I got some hair in my chest and other places but I shave regularly. Recently i had some a minor  estethic surgeries ( guess where!) .

2008  :  GROWING UP...BIGGER!!

I', m working out  hard at the gym to get more muscle ag get ripped. 

Now I`m  20, and work as a Strippper dancer in bars and discos on weekends.  

Do you think I look better ?  Should I grow bigger?

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SUPER TEEN  ( extracts in English)

Concerned by the crisis caused by Nix, CGS instructed him Gio, the youngest of the powerful and famous of the Super Males, known withwith the codename "Superteen" , to find and stop the villain. The  teen Superhero was launched to find Nix and then pursue it through the world, finally forced him to give a lone battle in  a desert area facing the sea.

The two are face to face. Superteen is impressive.He is handsome, with a strong and muscular body and, as it is impossible to fail to note hisr bulky package that the adjusted black thong he wears nothing but  highlights.

The body of a Super Male like Gio produces so much energy to mantain their muscular  bodies that corporal  temperature raises too much so they  do not wear nothing but a brief thong  that covers their genitalia. (...)

Nix achieves to dodge the blow and manages to take the Superhero's shoulder and making a quick turn, knees Gio between the legs. "Aaarghhh…" shouts the teenager bending  and covering his punished testicles with his hands.

"Hahhahahah…. You see? You can not defeat me… You are vulnerable… I know the great secret of  the Super Males…! ", laughs Nix preparing to finish  Superteen, but he succeeds  to avoid a second blow in this vulnerable area and flies off. "Who flees now? "It mocks the villain. (...)

The young hero gets closer  to launch a second charge of bio-power beams. Nix manages to stand up and Gio's charge  hits him in the chest but is not very sharp… Superteen's powers are weakened because of the hit in his balls.  The villain pretend to be very seriously injured, lays quiet on the floor . The young champion  stands his side an delivers a kick in the jaw of Nix, but the villain ,who is completely aware of what was happening succeeds in taking the stand and hold Gio's leg with a wrench.

Everything happens in less than a second… Gio struggless to free from the lock, while note with horror that their vulnerable testicles have been totally exposed… he tries to cover them with his hands, but Nix is faster and delivers a powerful punch on them.

The coup produced a shock in the powerful body of the hero… Gio feels like he had been disconnected from  his power source…he  tries to defend himself, but he could hardly lift his arms… his big muscles now seem like a  weigh he can't bear.

Nix laughs. "All those muscles you've got now are completely unusefu my  little boy? They worth NOTHING… Your  huge balls , those that give you all your strnght are also your weakness .... hahahhaha'll see...Soon  i will hang your balls in my trophy room, along with those of other Superheroes  who destroyed. "

While he said this, the villain continues pounding  Gio's balls and he feels tha the is about to lose consciousness… his  body does not respond, shuts down. As the villain said , all his power stems from his testicles and now...he is totally defenseless.


MI PRIMERA VEZ ( de la vida real) MY FIRST TIME ( a true story)

Como suele pasar, entre los 15 y los 16 años, di "el estirón", es decir que en el lapso de unos pocos meses crecí  físicamente y maduré sexualmente de manera muy notable.

Cuando volví al colegio, luego de las vacaciones del verano , medía al menos 1,80 y gracias a las abundantes dosis de testosterona que mi cuerpo empezaba a producir, había desarrollado en pocos meses entrenando en el gimnasio, una bien formada y poderosa musculatura.

Pero lo que más me gustaba era que mi pene y en particular mis testículos habían desarrollado enormemente: mi verga superaba fácilmente los 20 cm. y mis testículos eran más grandes que un huevo de gallina "king-size" ( los de doble yema), en particular el derecho, que abultaba un poco más al final de mi colgante escroto rosado, apenas cubierto aún de vello castaño.

Pero claro, no solo yo sino todos notaron mi cambio. Cuando salíamos de los vestuarios, luego del duchazo previo a entrar a la piscina, casi todas las miradas se posaban sobre mi enorme paquete que la lycra de mi Speedo roja apenas parecía poder contener.

Al hacerme consciente de que se había convertido en un hombre extremadamente atractivo y fuerte se me subieron los humos y empecé a portarme de manera engreída y prepotente, abusando de mi poderío físico. Sin embargo, mi comportamiento abusivo pronto tuvo un duro y humillante castigo.

Aquella tarde, terminada la practica, los chicos del equipo de natación habíamos permanecido en la piscina jugando y divirtiéndonos sin tomar en cuenta que ya era turno de que las chicas usaran la piscina.

Terry, una de las más jóvenes del equipo femenino se acercó al borde y nos  dijo a los chicos que ya debíamos salir pero  no le hicimos el menor caso. Terry siguió insistiendo, y entonces, cansado de oír sus gritos y reclamos, salí del agua.

Caminando con pausa, exhibiendo en cada paso mi bien formado cuerpo me dirigí hacia ella para obligarla a retirarse. Parado allí con mi Speedo roja que parecía hecha para exhibir mis enormes testículos casi con arrogancia, me veía como  un gigante; la cabeza de la niña a penas me llegaba al pecho. La tomé del brazo y arrastrándola la llevé hacia la puerta mientras mis compañeros reían.

Pero Terry, que era la única niña entre 4 hermanos, no se iba a dejar maltratar y se resistió, forcejeó y en el forcejeo, aprovechando su menor estatura, me  dio con el codo un golpe directo en los huevos. Fue un golpe pleno, el huesudo codo de la niña se estrelló con fuerza sobre mis  protuberantes, aparentemente poderosas pero en realidad muy frágiles bolas .

Quedé paralizado por el dolor, mis  piernas flaquearon y caí de rodillas cogiéndome las bolas con las manos.

Pero faltaba aún  más...

La niña no era ninguna tonta. Había aprendido donde tenía que golpear para mantener a raya a sus hermanos y sólo había aplicado lo que sabía.

Yo estaba de rodillas , paralizado, indefenso, con las manos sobre mis adoloridas bolas. Terri me vio y le dijo " Esto es para que aprendas a respetar a las chicas" y colocándose detrás me lanzó una patada a la entrepierna impactando mis huevos en el extremo posterior, allí donde son más sensibles.

Caí boca abajo sobre el suelo, completamente vencido y humillado : había quedado en evidencia que mis enormes huevos, esas fabricas de testosterona que me permitían tener mi magnifica musculatura y fuerza eran a la vez mi punto más débil y la clave de mi derrota.

Las chicas  y, en especial Terry, reían a carcajadas.

Since it usually happens, between the 15 and 16 years, in the space of a few months I grew physically and matured sexually in a very notable way.

When I returned to the school, after the summer vacation, I was measuring at least 1,80 and thanks to the abundant doses of testosterone that my body was starting producing, had developed in just a few months training in the gym, a well formed and powerful musculature.

But what I liked the most was that my penis and in particular my testicles had developed enormously: my rod was overcoming easily 20 cm. and my testicles were bigger than a hen's egg "king-size" (those of double egg yolk), in particular the right, which it was enlarging a little more at the end of my hanging pink scrotum, scarcely covered still of chestnut-colored hair.

But skylight, not only I but all they noticed my change. When we were going out of the wardrobes, after the shower previous to enter the swimming pool, almost all the looks were settling on my enormous, bulgin crotch that the lycra of my red Speedo scarcely seemed to be able to contain.

I realized that I had turned into an extremely attractive and strong man, I rose the smokes and I started behaving in a conceited and powerful way, abusing my physical power.

Nevertheless, my excessive prompt behavior had a hard and humiliating punishment.

That evening, finished the practice, the boys of the swimming team we had remained in the swimming pool playing and amusing ourselves without taking in account that was already a shift of that the girls were using the swimming pool.

Terry, one of the youngest of the feminine team approached the rim and said to the boys that we had to go out already but we him did not pay the minor attention. Terry kept on insisting, and then, tired of hearing his screams and claims, I went out of the water.

Walking with break, exhibiting in every step my well formed body I went towards her to force her to move back. Stopped there with my red Speedo that seemed done to exhibit my enormous testicles almost arrogantly, I was loke a giant her side; the head of the girl to sorrow was coming to me to the breast. I took her by the arm and dragging her took her towards the door while my partners were laughing.

But Terry, who was the only girl between 4 brothers, was not going away to allow to ill-treat and it resisted, struggled and in the struggle, making use of his minor height, she delivered a direct blow with her elbow on my nuts. It was a full blow, the bony elbow of the girl smashed my very fragile balls. She crushied my seemingly powerful but really very weak protuberant balls.

I remained paralyzed by the pain, my legs weakened and fell off my knees catching my balls with the hands.

But there was still more to come...

The girl was not any fool. He had learned where she had to hit to beat his brothers and she only had applied what she had learned.

I was on my knees, paralyzed, defenseless, with the hands on my sore balls. Terri saw me and said to him " i hope you have learned to respect the girls " and placing behind me she threw a kick to my crotch, hitting my testicles in the later end, where they are more sensitive.

I fell down to the soil, completely defeated and humiliated: it had stayed in evidence that my enormous eggs, these factories of testosterone that were allowing me to have my magnificent musculature and force ,were simultaneously my weakest point and the key of my defeat.

The girls and especially Terry, kept  laughing at me for a long while.